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Real Estate Photography

Your property presented BEAUTIFULLY 

To achieve the best possible images of your property, we use advanced techniques, the latest professional equipment and add a lot of experience sprinkled with creativity. This recipe achieves a professionally presented listing that sets you apart from the competition and entices more buyers. 

What To Expect:

  • Creatively capture the space of your property with strong composition and lighting
  • Calibrate colors to accurately showcase your home
  • Keep walls straight, no crooked or distorted images!
  • Balance lighting throughout
  • Provide an extensive checklist to help you prepare for photography and showings
  • Treat each homeowner and property with kindness and respect 

Single Property Websites & Visual Tours

Custom Domain Name $15/year • Example:


Visual Tours & Single Property Websites - $50 (additional $25 set up fee for new accounts)

  • Both branded and non-branded (MLS) tour links
  • YouTube Video tour available (additional fee)
  • Company Branding with logo, colors and agent headshot
  • 20-25 images recommended
  • Agent access to customize text, music (optional), and photo order
  • Email and share buttons for the most popular share sites (facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, and 100's more)
  • Weekly activity reports on tour views 

Single Property Responsive Website - Click here to see the website in action. It will open in a new window.

Single page websites imageSingle page websites image

Visual Tour Click here to view full screen. It will open in a new window.

turbos original tour - 4 winslowturbos original tour - 4 winslow


Elevated Photography

There has been a need for elevated photography in quite few of the listings I've shot over the years. To fill that need, I set up a pole system that allows me to take photographs with a professional camera atop 16' pole. This is ideal for properties with pools, gardens, hard to shoot front angles, and others. 

Drones & Helicopters

Aerials are an art of their own. While I do have a 16' pole for elevated shots, drones allow for a more expansive view from above. Drone photography is great for showing the proximity to nearby water and for large properties with acreage. Helicopters and planes can get a more expansive view.


Home Staging

As much as I'd love to learn more about staging and work it into what I do, it would take away from what I do best, so I've left this up to those who do this full time. Below are home stagers I know and trust to do a great job with your sellers.